ViTEENamins and PreTEENamins

Over 40 years ago I opened my first "Back to Eden" natural food store in Los Angeles, California. This was the beginning of a long and continued interest in the health and well being of people in general. I have also received a master's degree in human services and am currently a candidate for a PhD in education, completing core studies in adolescent development. These separate yet similar fields, together with many years of parenting form the foundation for ViTEENamins.

Everyone who has been a parent knows that kids need help when it comes to diet. Not only do they tend to eat foods that are empty of nutritional value but far too often they make choices that are in themselves "unhealthy." We at ViTEENamins believe that a healthy person makes better decisions. We realize that teens have special needs due to their rapid growth, and that girls and boys each have their own specific nutritional requirements. Preteens too, especially in this day and age, are growing with more needs than ever of nutritional supplementation. With these factors in mind we have carefully created formulas to address both gender and developmental stage.

I have raised three children with a serious concern about their dietary intake (the kids on the labels). Clearly, I believed that they needed supplements but always struggled trying to find products available that gave them what I thought they needed. Kids just don't accept the fact that what they consume impacts, not just the way they feel, but the way in which they perform. We have all learned that consuming enough greens, balancing vitamins and minerals, plus dealing with issues of skin, will always be a challenge facing youth and the parents that nurture them.

In recent years I have been employed with a company providing botanical and nutritional materials to supplement manufacturers and have, therefore, been at the core of ingredient supply and demand. Using this strategic position, along with countless years of existing research and the collaboration of contemporary doctors of natural medicine our formulas are now available.

With a focus on age and gender, kosher, vegetarian and gluten free, ViTEENamins and PreTEENamins are finally here. Look forward to our upcoming line of products to help manage focus and attention disorders!

Priced to help parents feel good too!